Conservation Tour. Week 14.

Week 14 – Cathedral Week, Salisbury Cathedral

Day 01 Exploring: 

19-25.06.17_03 Salisbury19-25.06.17_01 Salisbury19-25.06.17_02 Salisbury

19-25.06.17_04 Salisbury Roof Vistas
Rooftop vistas. 
19-25.06.17_05 Salisbury Cloisters

19-25.06.17_06 Salisbury Interior

19-25.06.17_07 Salisbury Roof Interior
North Transept roof space. 

A day with Cathedral Glaziers:

19-25.06.17_Glazing 01
Medieval Pot Ash Glass. On the left, showing signs of ‘pitting’. On the right, completely pitted and almost opaque.  If not fired above 1300 C, the lime and pot-ash within the glass remain water soluble. Wetting and drying cycles gradually lead to this deterioration. 
19-25.06.17_Glazing 02
Various Came selection. All lead cames are cast and rolled on site! The last glazing workshop to still have the facilities to do this in the country! 
19-25.06.17_Glazing 03
Tools of the trade. The little green guy on the right is known as a “Grozzing Iron.” This leaves slightly ‘jaggered’ edges when the glass is cut. This method of glass cutting has been used for centures, and looking for jaggered edges is a good way of identifying authentic mediaval glass. 
19-25.06.17_Glazing 10
19-25.06.17_Glazing 04
Tallow – acts as a flux for the solder. 
19-25.06.17_Glazing 05
Lord of the flame. 
19-25.06.17_Glazing 07
Glass cutting. Not as easy as it looks.

19-25.06.17_Glazing 08

19-25.06.17_Glazing 09
Discussing isothermal glazing strategies – ventilation seems to be key. 
Our lovely home for the week. 

A day with the Masons. 

19-25.06.17_Masons 01
All stone logged and tracked. 
19-25.06.17_Masons 02
Major Repair Area 06 surveys for intended works. 
19-25.06.17_Masons 03
Templating – all @ 1:1 
19-25.06.17_Masons 04
The raw stuff. (Chicksgrove Stone) 
19-25.06.17_Masons 05
Prepping for some Banker work. 

19-25.06.17_Masons 0619-25.06.17_Masons 07

Exploring The New Arts Centre at Roche Court.

19-25.06.17_Roche Court 01
Artists House by

19-25.06.17_Roche Court 0219-25.06.17_Roche Court 0419-25.06.17_Roche Court 05

19-25.06.17_Roche Court 06
Gallery also by
19-25.06.17_Roche Court 07
out? in? in? out? 

19-25.06.17_Roche Court 0819-25.06.17_Roche Court 09

19-25.06.17_Roche Court 12


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